About Us

“Challenging the ordinary to become extraordinary” - Broden Johnson

With close to ten years of daily sales experience in the Telephone Sales and real estate industries, and currently running a digital marketing agency, Broden Johnson is fast becoming one of Australia’s youngest leading businessman, and sales training professional.

He is the founder and CEO of the Sales Academy, a dedicated professional sales and training development organisation.

Broden began his sales career in a call centre. Learning sales techniques the hard way, he went on to run his own sales business, generating millions of dollars in sales in just a few years.


Recruited as an independent Sales Specialist by a well-established real estate company in 2016, his success skyrocketed and he quickly rose to become the highest selling agent in the office.

By October 2017, he had formed his own professional development business, AMS, which became The Sales Academy (TSA) in April 2019.

These days Broden, operates out of HQGC in Arundel, on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia where he utilises the collaborative base and training facilities to leverage business. 

At The Sales Academy (TSA), Broden adopts a holistic approach to sales and training. He conducts training needs analyses, sales consulting, professional development seminars, corporate training workshops, and online training programs for audiences of 500 down to small groups of between 1 and 20. TSA also designs and delivers joint training modules for clients and multiple SMEs considered too small for the reach of a major training group.

The Sales Academy is an insight into everything Broden has learnt from being in the trenches selling, cold calling & door knocking for nearly a decade.


He’s tried and refined thousands of hours of training, hundreds of books and over a million cold calls into CORE Selling.


CORE Selling stands for Closing Others Responsibly & Ethically.


With CORE Selling you’ll learn to master the art & science of telephone sales, and how to dramatically increase your conversions.


The telephone is a salesperson's best friend, however, there is an art & science to using it correctly.


Once you’ve mastered it… your possibilities are endless!