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Closing Other Responsibly & Ethically

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Broden has tried and refined thousands of hours of training, hundreds of books and over a million cold calls into CORE Selling.

Core selling was designed to be an all-inclusive sales training course to skyrocket sales for all salespeople, entrepreneurs & business owners, whether you are new to sales or a seasoned veteran, you’ll discover something new in CORE Selling that will help you become the best you can be.

Or as we rather say, "Challenging the ordinary to become extraordinary".


CORE Selling has been 10 years in the making and is now becoming one of Australia's leading sales courses!


CORE Selling stands for Closing Others Responsibly & Ethically.


With CORE Selling you’ll learn to master the art & science of telephone sales, and how to dramatically increase your conversions, fill your pipeline and how to effectively maintain a CEO mindset.


The telephone is a salesperson's best friend, it’s hands down the best method of closing a sale, however, there is an art & science to using it correctly.


Once you’ve mastered it… Your possibilities are endless!


In CORE Selling you’ll discover:


An Introduction to Sales


Lesson 1: Mindset 


Lesson 2: How to Take Action


Lesson 3: EQ in Sales


Lesson 4: How to Make a Killer First Impression


Lesson 5: Prospecting & Cold Calling


Lesson 6: Gathering Intelligence - The science behind effective questioning.


Lesson 7: The Art Of Story Telling - Advanced Tonality


Lesson 8: The Sales Process


Lesson 9: Objections - Where the real sale begins


Lesson 10: How to close like a beast