If you just hate your 9-5 job, the idea of being an entrepreneur might excite you a lot.

Being an entrepreneur is definitely fun and exciting. But, it’s not sunshine and rainbows.

If you don’t know how to operate or how to get started, you’ll face a hard time running your business and managing all at once.

So, what’s the solution here?

How can you prepare yourself?

That’s what I will help you with.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the top 5 books that’ll help you throughout your entrepreneurship journey.

Well, then!

Let’s dive in.

5 Best Books For Entrepreneurs

Here’s a list of the 5 books I personally love and recommend my fellow entrepreneurs:

· “Think And Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill

· “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki

· “How To Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie

· “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight

· “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins

Let’s learn what each one of these books has to offer.

Think And Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill

“Think And Grow Rich,” written by Napolean Hill is an all-time classic business book that has helped business owners all across the world plan and executes an outstanding strategy for their businesses.

Want to know what it’s like to be an entrepreneur? Not only this book will provide you professional advice, but it will even help you with your personal development.

You’ll learn how to look inward and explore self. And that’s what will help you change your mindset.

One of the biggest lessons this book teaches people is how to set their goals and hit them one by one.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki

This was one of the first books I was ever given...

Is financial education vital?


Do schools/colleges focus on financial education? Nope!

And that’s exactly what this book focuses on.

This book will teach you the importance of being financially independent. This book breaks down everything there is about financial education in an engaging manner.

Not only will it focus on the importance of financial independence, but it will even shed some light on people killing their dreams for an ordinary 9-5 job and the struggles they face while they pay their debts.

How can you become an entrepreneur? That’s another one of the lessons this book will teach you effectively. This book is a no-bullshit book and will present the cold, hard facts and truth right in front of you.

How To Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie

Want to become an entrepreneur?

Then, you can’t miss this one out.

It's an all-time great on best business books list. And if you are looking forward to building people skills as well as cultivate relationships that will ultimately help you succeed, then this is a must-read for you.

The author has focused on the steps that you will be required to take to make friends as well as connect with almost everyone your path crosses with.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your competitor or your investor, you will be taught how to win their hearts and make them believe your vision.

Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight

Don’t we all know about the brand “Nike?”

It’s one of the most popular brands out there.


Literally, everyone knows who this catchphrase belongs to. This business has been dominating the world since the 1970s.

But do you have any idea about how all of it started in the first place?

Right from selling running shoes from his parent’s garage to being one of the most recognised personalities in the industry, this book will help you learn how he built an empire right from scratch.

It’s well-written. It’s emotional. It’s motivating. Not only will you explore Phil Knight’s professional nature, but you will learn how he evolved over the course of the years and what it took him to succeed.

Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins

This book will help you explore the world of David Goggins, the person who overcame his depression and went from being overweight to a record-breaking athlete, a world-class personal trainer as well as an inspiring military reader.

In this book, he has shared revealed that nearly everyone out there taps into just 40% of their capabilities. And that’s something worth taking a look at.

Learn how to demolish fear, push past pain, and reach your full potential by ordering this book TODAY!


I’d advise you to read all of these books one-by-one. That’s because they are a must-read for everyone out there.

Not only will you learn loads about being a successful entrepreneur, but you will even be taking a look at some of the most popular stories of great personalities like David Goggins, Phil Knight, and the sorts.


PS. What are some of your favourite books?

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