What if I told you that you can reach out to almost all your customers without even having lift as much as a finger?

Alright! Maybe a single finger.

But that’s it.


And that’s exactly what sending out an email sequence is all about. Rather than clicking “Send” repeatedly, it’s time you focused on other important things.

According to Active Campaign,

"An email sequence is all about sending a series of emails to your target audience in the mailing list automatically."

It can either be time-based or trigger-based.

But the question is,

“How Can I Set Up An Email Sequence On Active Campaign?”

Let me make it easy for you.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the steps you need to take in order to set an email sequence on Active Campaign.

How To Set Up An Email Sequence On Active Campaign?

Create A New Automation

· Select “Automations” in order to navigate to the Automation overview page.

· Select “New Automation.” You will come across the automation menu modal.

· Select “Start From Scratch.” Click Continue.

Add A Start Trigger

There are tons of ways to begin this sequence. However, in this blog post, we will be taking a look at how you can start this automation when anyone’s added to your mailing list.

· Select “Subscribers To A List.” Click Continue.

· After hitting the “Select List” option, a drop-down menu will appear right in front of you with multiple options. Select “Master List.”

· In order to prevent the contacts from restarting the automation, you need to set the “Runs” to “Once.” Otherwise, you’ll risk sending the same mail over and over.

· Click “Add Start” at the bottom.

It’s Time To Send A Welcome Email

Whenever someone opts in to your mailing list, it’s advisable to send him/her a welcome email immediately. This will help you leave a great first impression.

Alongside this, welcome emails have been recorded to have an outstanding open rate as well as click-through rate.

How To Configure This Action?

· In the “Add New Action” model, select “Send Email.” You will come across this model as soon as you are done with configuring your “Subscribers to list” trigger.

· Select the "Create An Email” link.

· Type the heading of the email and select “Create.” As it’s internal, your contacts will not be able to see this.

· You’ll be sent over to the “Templates” page. Here, you will be able to choose a template for your message. If you have an HTML template that you’d like to use, you can choose the “Build from scratch” option. In case you don’t want to use a template and just send text, select “Text only.”

· Here, we will be choosing the "Personal Email Template." If you like a template, hover over to it and select "Use This Design."

· You will come across a modal which gives you the option to create a subject line and modify your sender’s information. You won’t be able to access these options later. After modifying your sender’s information, select “Continue.”

· Customise The Welcome Email. Once you are done with the customisation, it’s time to select the “Next” button. You’ll be taken to the “Campaign Summary” page.

Here you will be able to:

· Edit/review message name, preheader text, subject as well as sender information.

· Enable or Disable Open/Read Tracking

· Enable or Disable Link Tracking

· Enable or Disable Reply Tracking

· Enable or Disable Google Analytics Tracking

· Preview your message

· Send a test email to self

· Explore any potential issues

If you have added in a “CTA” to your email, enable “Reply Tracking.”


· Select “Conditions & Workflow” in the right menu

· Drag the “Wait” option and drop it below the “Send Email”

· Now, you will come across a model window. You’ll have to choose between waiting until some conditions are met waiting for a specific time period. Here, we will choose “Wait until specific conditions are met”

· Now, you will come across the Conditions editor that will allow you to add some conditions that your contacts need to match. Here, I will be choosing "Actions -> Has Clicked On A Link" in the Welcome Email and will add the link that I used on my welcome mail.

· Select “Save”

· Add how much time the conta