That’s the year when it all began.

It was the year when Dollar Shave Club was launched as an online subscription-based razor retailer.

Now this company may have a common business model but it's how they did things that made them uncommon...

Dollar Shave Club was founded by Michael Dubin & Mark Levine. As a result of their bold and outstanding business model, the founders managed to raise nearly $9.8 million in funding.

2012s the year when the company knocked it out of the park with its legendary launch video. The video took the audience on a hilarious walk.

To be honest, the topic is boring. However, they turned it into something worth sharing and entertaining.

Up until now, the video has been viewed by millions of people all across the world. And the company has taken itself to great heights.

But, did you know that this video was a section of the company's landing page? And to be honest, it went viral as a result of the humorous advertisement and authentic creativity.

So, the question is, how did they do it?

What was their secret behind their mind-blowing growth?

Let’s take a look.

Offered A Real Solution

To begin with, the Dollar Shave Club is every man’s brand. And it has a really simple value proposition.

People found that they paid a fortune buying name-brand razors from drug and retail stores.

And that’s the pain point Dollar Shave Club focused on.

With Dollar Shave Club, men had generic quality alternatives delivered to their home at minimal value... as little as a dollar...

No hidden fees, no contracts, or any other bullshit.

And that’s what people loved the most.

Unique Customer Experience

And that’s what Dollar Shave Club is recognised worldwide for.

It’s a smart, young, stylish as well as playful brand.

When you opt to become a part of the club, you won't simply be signing up for budget-friendly razors and blades.

Instead, you are paying money for the monthly delight which comes along.

You’ll be a part of an exclusive community. And that’s something offered by no other brand out there.

Dollar Shave Club offers a valuable experience to its customers. They can share this on their social media profiles. They can talk about it with their co-workers as well as friends.

In short, it’s what took Dollar Shave Club to the top.

The Experience

Once you sign up, you will be receiving a welcome email. You’ll be welcomed to the community and you will from there learn how to begin exploring.

Your first shipment will arrive with:

· Beautifully branded box

· Shaving products

· Welcome note

· Upgrade process explanation

· Free samples

· The Bathroom Minutes: It’s DSV’s monthly lifestyle newsletter

For starters, you’ll be amazed to take a look at the delivery.

The content’s simple, yet inexpensive.

Customer Lifetime Value

The company focuses majorly on retaining its existing customers, instead of looking forward to attracting new ones.

It puts an effort in maintaining existing relationships with their customers through social media as well as delight.

Customer Lifetime Value is one of their primary focuses.

Dollar Shave Club relies on monthly recurring revenue.

By focusing on Customer Lifetime Value, the company will make sure that the acquisition costs are low. Alongside this, they will even be able to ensure that their customers are loving what they are providing them with.

It’s cost-effective. It’s efficient. Alongside this, the company doesn’t sacrifice in terms of customer experience.


This company isn't just another one of those razor companies in the market. It's so much more than that. It's a brand with an outstanding culture, humour as well as lifestyle.

In the end, it’s all about delivering the best possible experience to its customers as well as coming up with new ways to attract their target audience.

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